Letter from CFEP Interim President Regarding the 2020 Eagle Peak Montessori Auction
Published on: May 27, 2020

Dear Eagle Peak Families and Friends,

I hope you are well.  The last time we spoke, CFEP announced the postponement of our annual auction. We are happy to announce a new auction date of Sept 26, 2020.  I know we all hope circumstances will allow us to gather and celebrate come September, but we are proceeding cautiously.  Our dedicated auction team will be exploring virtual options should large gatherings continue to be restricted.  

Our  annual auction is one of our biggest fundraisers.  Postponement is a big hit to the CFEP fundraising budget that in turn impacts Eagle Peak’s budget.  CFEP’s annual contribution  (your contributions) help make Eagle Peak whole at the end of the year.  These contributions have traditionally funded enrichment programs and filled the gap between what EPMS receives via State funding vs. funding required for an authentic Montessori educational experience for our children.  While next year is full of uncertainty one thing is clear, the State faces a massive deficit.  We are already hearing predictions of reductions to school funding and funding payment deferrals.  Your financial support is needed now more than ever.  While the physical auction has been postponed, we need to attempt to backfill this hole in our fundraising budget.  With this in mind, CFEP is launching the 2020 Give to Grow Campaign. Give to Grow has been a giving opportunity offered at our live auctions.  This year, 100% of Give to Grow donations will be added to our fundraising totals, with no offset for venue rental, food or other auction costs.  So many people are dealing with income losses as we shelter in place.  This appeal is not targeted to members of our community that are facing these challenges.  However, If you are in a position to give we hope you will contribute funds equal to what you would have contributed at the auction.    

“Going to school” is one thing we are all missing.  Something so taken for granted.  I had jokingly said instead of “Give to Grow” we should be asking for “Give to Survive ” donations.  In retrospect, not so much of a joke.  Being the eternal (annoying) optimist that I am, I have faith that our community will come together and those that can contribute will so Eagle Peak can survive.  So we can continue going to school.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Be safe, be well and hope to see you soon.

Tina Segrove, Interim President

Community Foundation for Eagle Peak

Donate to 2020 Give to Grow Campaign